Monday, October 7, 2013

Vol. 12 Life Among Them (Issues #67-72)


  • The volume begins with Carl and Rick searching for food (it seems the group has split up to scavenge food). It's a nice scene when they're talking about the foods they miss.
  • Eugene is a liar!! He's a high school science teacher, and has been lying about D.C. Abe roughs him up and curses him out for a bit. Now the group has to make a decision about their next move. Rick thinks it might be a good idea to continue to D.C. and search for food.
  • A new character is introduced. Aaron. He approaches Rick and Abe while they are talking about the next move. Rick greats Aaron with a swift punch to the face, which knocks him out. The group ties him up and waits to question him. Aaron admits to spying on the group and having a group of thirty to forty people settled near D.C. He wants to recruit Rick's group to help maintain their settlement.
  • Carl, being the bad ass he is, shoots a walker dead in the left eye to save Sofia. And he was very calm and smooth in his execution.
  • After taking "care" of a few walkers, Michonne tells the group she's taking Aaron's invitation regardless of the group's decision. (This scene was very similar to the ending of TellTale's The Walking Dead - 400 Days DLC.) The group agrees with Michonne and decide to follow Aaron in the morning.
  • On the way to the settlement the group runs into Aaron's partner, Eric. They seem to have a romantic relationship. Rick is very suspicious of Aaron.
  • The group finally arrive in D.C., but their trip to the settlement is delayed. Supply runners from Aaron's community shoot a flare gun to signal for help. Aaron, Abe, and Rick go into the city, which is swarmed with walkers, to save Scott and Heath.
  • The security detail, from the new community, assist the rescue 'mission' by clearing an escape route. They have a pickup truck with a 50 Cal mounted on the bed.
  • Once inside the community the group is in awe at the 'normal' life they have rebuilt. There's children running around smiling, and the neighborhood looks untouched by the zombie apocalypse.
  • Rick's 'in-processing' was with the community's leader, Douglas Monroe - a former politician. Based on their conversation Rick is assigned to be the community's constable.
  • The community is heaven compared to the outside world. It has running hot water, and solar powered electricity. It was created by the government for disaster situations.
  • Regina, Douglas' wife, is not happy about the group's arrival. She is very suspicious of Rick and compares him to the community's previous leader, Davidson. (Clearly Davidson was a terrible person.)
  • During 'orientation' the group has to surrender their weapons to the armory. Douglas explains they can access them anytime they please; buy carry a weapon in the community is prohibited.
  • Even though Rick's group has three houses to split between them, Abe and Rick decide to occupy one house for safety reasons. They keep try to keep this decision from Douglas. . . .but he finds out anyway.
  • Carl is having a hard time adjusting to being a kid again. He decides to not participate in Halloween. He feels like everyone is ignoring reality. Carl feels that if the group get's too comfortable they will let their guard down and becoming weak.   
  • Douglas makes a very awkward advance on Andrea. Of course she rejects him - he's married. this may cause tension.
  • There is a meet and greet dinner party to get everyone acquainted.
  • There's potential for a love triangle between Andrea, Douglas, and Spencer - Douglas' son.
  • During the dinner party Glenn acts as if he's drunk and goes home early. Later we find out he used this time to scope out the armory. The group is planning on stealing their weapons back.

Random Thoughts

  • Carl killing Ben in the comics mirrors the TV series when he kills the teenage boy during the Governor's attacks. Both scenarios represent Carl's 'coming of age' in a zombie apocalypse. However, the comic's version makes this event more profound. Ben wasn't a random person posing a threat to the group- he was his friend.
  • Every time a new character is introduced I am SUPER suspicious. Kirkman does a great job in translating the famous attitude of fight the dead, fear the living.
  • Heath gives me good vibrations. 
  • The community has become very complacent. They have so much time on their hands. They play match-making with people, and they gossip worse than a group of old church ladies.