Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Issue #121 All Out War - - Chapter 7 of 12


  • The issue opens with a scene at the 'ammo factory'. Eugene and his group are trying to lay low and figure out what is going on. It's obvious that The Safe Zone is under attack, and there is high probability of a herd of walkers approaching the area. 
  • Eugene suggest the group stay hold up inside the ammo building as long as possible. Against his advice John decides to go outside to take a piss. Before his big toe passes the threshold, walkers flood the door and overtake him. The others are forced to flee the 'factory' and run into Negan. 
  • Rick regains consciousness. The doctor from The Hilltop thinks Rick suffered from a concussion.
  • Denise is on her death bed. The fever from the bite is taking it's toll.  
  • The Safe Zone isn't completely demolished, but the perimeter is almost non existent. They are very vulnerable to the approaching waves of walkers and future attacks. Those who have survived are busy with killing walkers, and preparing burials for the causalities.
  • After seeing all the damage to The Safe Zone Rick decides the group should move to a new location. Maggie and her group have discussed going back to The Hilltop.
  • Ezekiel is seriously thinking about taking what is left of his people and pulling out of the way. Rick tries to convince him to stay with them and move to The Hilltop.
  • Jesus Monroe discover's that Eugene's group is missing, and assumes Negan is holding them captive. Rick decides it's too risky to try to send a rescue party to their aid.
  •  When packing for the trip to The Hilltop, Rick purposely leaves 'his' phone behind.
  • The issue ends with Negan giving Eugene two options: cooperate with The Saviors and make ammo, or watch his friends die and suffer an immense amount of torture.  

Random Thoughts

  • I'm really excited about Rick leaving the 'Lori' phone behind. I think this signifies a new phase in the development of his character. We've seen him become more and more grounded. He's no longer questioning his role as a leader. Even though he may doubt some of his decisions, it seems that his is able to pick up the pieces and carry on. I'm really looking forward to some cut throat decisions at the conclusion of this story arc. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Issue #120 All Out War - - Chapter 6 of 12


  • The issue picks up right where the story left off with Holly taking a bite out of Dr. Cloyd's arm; and The Saviors raining grenade over The Alexander Safe Zone. It is pure chaos.
  • While Heath is trying to tend to Denise's bite he is severely injured by an explosion. (He loses a leg.) Instead of letting Rick amputate her arm, Denise decides to rescue Heath.
  • Gary (One of The Saviors who decided to side with Rick's cause.) finally came through and helped. He killed his squad and gave Jesus all the grenades they had. 
  • Just when Negan thinks he has the upper hand, he's surprised by snipers in surrounding buildings. Maggie has lead a team, from The Hilltop, to support The Alexander Safe Zone.
  • Maggie is 'sort of' the new leader of The Hilltop group. Most of the people came with her to The Alexander Safe Zone, with the exception of a few.
  • Even though The Saviors had to retreat, Negan, feels like the attack was a success. Rick's camp is burning down to the grown.

Randoms Thoughts

  • I really liked the scene when Andrea and Rick are kind of in a panic trying to come up with a plan. They have to think about defending against The Saviors, and the people who died during the attack and will turn into walkers. Then out of the dust Maggie walks up (cool and nonchalantly) and lets them know her team ran Negan off. I really like that she is coming into her 'own'. This is a complete 180 from the time they spent on the road after the group left the prison. No more suicidal Maggie!
  • Even though there wasn't a lot of dialogue in this issue, I was very entertained by the action. There were a lot of developments, and we have a few cliff hangers. Where will Rick's group go now that their camp is ruined. Can they prepare for another attack? Will Negan attack soon, or return to one of his post? Is Rick ok. (He passed out during a conversation with Andrea and Maggie.) Is it too late to amputate Denise's arm? And if so, who will fill the doctor role?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Issue #119 All Out War - - Chapter 5 of 12


  • The issue begins with Rick's 'squad' scavenging supplies from The Savior's camp.
  • Ezekiel is having a tough time dealing with his defeat in battle, and is questioning his leadership abilities. Michonne uses her best motivation technique to encourage him to be strong - - a punch in the jaw.
  • Rick's 'squad' returns safely to The Alexander Safe Zone.
  • An emergency strategy meeting is held to prepare for the next attack from The Saviors. The meeting is interrupted by greetings from a grenade launcher, with much love from Negan. The Savior's rebuttal was much sooner than Rick anticipated. 
  • Negan forces Rick to 'talk' to him by using Holly as bait. Rick says he will cooperate if Holly is released. Negan gladly obliges the request.
  • Once Holly is inside the gates of The Alexandria Safe Zone, Dr. Cloydd removes the rope around her wrists and the bag from her head. Dr. Cloydd expected Holly to have sustained some type of injuries, but she did not expect her to be a walker. In complete and utter shock she fails to evade Holly's bite.
  • Negan uses this distraction to catch Rick's group off guard and attacks.

Random Thoughts

  • Man, you have to love Carl's new hair swoop. It covers his eye wound perfectly.
  • Oh did I miss Negan's grand entrances.
  • I was wondering why couldn't anyone hear Holly make the infamous zombie growl. Maybe it is bad to assume they always growl. Initially, I thought Negan cut out her tongue, or severely disfigured her face.