Thursday, January 23, 2014

Issue #120 All Out War - - Chapter 6 of 12


  • The issue picks up right where the story left off with Holly taking a bite out of Dr. Cloyd's arm; and The Saviors raining grenade over The Alexander Safe Zone. It is pure chaos.
  • While Heath is trying to tend to Denise's bite he is severely injured by an explosion. (He loses a leg.) Instead of letting Rick amputate her arm, Denise decides to rescue Heath.
  • Gary (One of The Saviors who decided to side with Rick's cause.) finally came through and helped. He killed his squad and gave Jesus all the grenades they had. 
  • Just when Negan thinks he has the upper hand, he's surprised by snipers in surrounding buildings. Maggie has lead a team, from The Hilltop, to support The Alexander Safe Zone.
  • Maggie is 'sort of' the new leader of The Hilltop group. Most of the people came with her to The Alexander Safe Zone, with the exception of a few.
  • Even though The Saviors had to retreat, Negan, feels like the attack was a success. Rick's camp is burning down to the grown.

Randoms Thoughts

  • I really liked the scene when Andrea and Rick are kind of in a panic trying to come up with a plan. They have to think about defending against The Saviors, and the people who died during the attack and will turn into walkers. Then out of the dust Maggie walks up (cool and nonchalantly) and lets them know her team ran Negan off. I really like that she is coming into her 'own'. This is a complete 180 from the time they spent on the road after the group left the prison. No more suicidal Maggie!
  • Even though there wasn't a lot of dialogue in this issue, I was very entertained by the action. There were a lot of developments, and we have a few cliff hangers. Where will Rick's group go now that their camp is ruined. Can they prepare for another attack? Will Negan attack soon, or return to one of his post? Is Rick ok. (He passed out during a conversation with Andrea and Maggie.) Is it too late to amputate Denise's arm? And if so, who will fill the doctor role?

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