Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vol. 4 The Hearts Desire (Issues #19–24)


  • Michonne has made her appearance. Instead of saving Andrea in the woods, after Andrea escapes from the farm; Michonne saves Otis as he approaches the prison.
  • Rick kills Dexter during the fire fight with the zombies. Dexter basically dared Rick to shoot, "A smart man would of let it get me." That's all the invitation Rick needed. It was similar to the T.V. show when Rick axed the Hispanic inmate - the same story line. 
  • Precautions - It seems like Rick isn't taking any chances. Even though Michonne saved Otis's life she still has to surrender her weapons and locked up at night. I don't fault him for taking this precaution. 
  • Love Triangle -It seems like there may be tension between Carol, Tyreese, and Michonne
  • Allen is bitten by a walker. IN the T.V. show Hershel is bitten during the clearing of A-block.
  •  Electricity? - Dale and Tyreese find a back up generator.
  • Wham Bam Thank You Mam - Damn Michonne gave Tyreese head like it was a customary hand shake. And of course Carol happens to see it. Then Carol does something completely dumbfounding. While she and Tyreese are sleeping she decides to give him a BJ. Of course he's caught off guard and confused. Eventually she kicks him out of their cell.
  • Suicide Attempts - Carol, a selfish bitch, slits her wrist in front of Sophia.
  • Irrational Decisions - Another WTF moment courtesy of Carol, she kisses Rick for standing up to Tyreese about Michonne.
  • New Administration - The group decides that Rick should not be the sole leader. A committee is formed. It includes: Dale, Hershel, Rick, and Tyreese.


  • Patricia: "Dexter's been shot!" Rick: "Cry me a river."
  • Rick: "You Kill. You Live."
  • Rick: "We are the Walking Dead!"

Random Thoughts

  • I like the fact that Andrea is much more useful, and level headed in the comics
  • Rick has so much conviction in his theory about cutting off Allen's leg. I wonder where he gets the confidence. 
  • Carl and Sophia's scenes are always so enduring.
  • I really enjoyed Rick's speech at the end. It made me feel the urgency of life at the Prison, their sanctuary. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vol. 3 - Safety Behind Bars (Issues #25–30)


  • The Size of the Prison - From the tour that Dexter, one of the inmates, is giving the group has a lot more room in the prison than depicted in the TV series. It doesn't seem as overran; or, the walkers are contained well.
  • Hershel's and Rick's Group Unite - Rick decides to return to the farm and invite Hershel's group to live with them at the prison. Tyreese thinks it's a bad idea, but I agree with Rick. Hershel has survival skills that can make living at the prison comfortable. Plus they gain man power.
  • The Deaths of Julie - I totally called the death of Julie. Well I thought it was going to be a double suicide; but of course Chris didn't follow through. He convince her silly ass to fuck him and commit a double suicide. Hey Julie, the jokes on you.
  • Revelations - Julie and Chris's death revealed that everyone might be infected. Rick realizes that a person does not have to be bitten to turn into a walker. To confirm his theory, Rick went back to the camp site near Atlanta to dig Shane's body up. (In the television series this was revealed by traveling to the CDC and interacting with a scientist. The comic has yet to travel to the CDC.) 
  • Tyreese Survives Isolation in the Gym - So I was totally wrong. Tyreese is a bad motherfucker, he is alive. He cleared the whole gym by himself. Rick insisted on seeing the body and low and behold Tyreese is alive
  • Wow Moment - While Lori is consoling Carol about Tyreese's death Carol kisses Lori.
  • The Group is Trying to Cope - It seems like all the characters are trying to deal with the situation by turning their emotions off; despite having to kill zombies, burn bodies, hunt for food, and etc. on the daily basis. You can see that members of the group are being less effected by the death of people, until it hits too close and they have a complete and utter break down.
  • Dexter Suspect #1 - Well, it's obvious that Dexter did not kill Hershel's daughters, but who did? Thomas. The group automatically accused the murderer and forgot about the smart tax fraud guy. Shame, shame, shame on them.
  • Tension Between Lori and Rick - I felt a little gitty when Rick told Lori to shut the fuck up during the argument about Thomas. I understand Lori wants it to be more of a democracy; but truth be told Lori will argue until she gets her way. I kind of side with Rick. As he said the group nominated him to be the leader. It seems that Lori challenges him every single step of the way.
  •  Separation - In the TV show there was talk of some of the members going their own way (Andrea and Shane). This time Dale is contemplating leaving the group with Andrea.
  • A New Judicial System - The group deciding to hang Thomas kind of makes me feel. .. . dark. I understand the need to reestablish society, but hanging someone from the guard tower? It's a hard decision to make, and a hard job to do. The comic makes you feel each step the group takes. It's much darker than the TV show
  • Execution - Dumb ass, Patricia tries to free Thomas before his execution. Guess what happens. The crazy SOB tries to kill her. (She should of died for her stupidity.) It's not like she even knew him. Luckily, Tyreese, Carol, Glenn, and Maggie were near by. Eventually, Maggie ends up shooting him. Then the group throws Thomas's body to the walkers outside the prison gate.

Funny Quotes

  • "Rick, If we don't end of staying here, I'm shooting myself in the FACE. I'm not spending another night in this RV." - Tyreese
  • Rick: "He's dead killed him."
  • Tyreese: "Yeah. Leave me. He'll be coming back soon. And I'm going to kill him AGAIN."
  • Rick: "You Kill, You Die!"

Random Thoughts

  • Characters: I loved Tyreese and Andrea. I hated Chris (crazy),Lori (Bitch, Judgmental, Controlling), and Patricia (stupid).
  • Tyreese is a very funny character in this volume.
  • A giggle moment for me is when rick and Tyreese were clearing the prison, and the approach the cafeteria. When the enter the room guns blazing there are inmates welcoming them with meatloaf lol.
  • Andrea isn't as annoying when she's getting her rocks off. In the TV series she just kind of made me cringe.
  • This volume has brought the bitch out in Lori. I know she's pregnant, but I don't think she should get a free pass. I think the first two volumes she was tolerable was because she was in shock of the zombie apacolypse.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us (Issues #7-12)

When I first "got into" The Walking Dead it never occurred to me to read the comic/graphic novel. I thought it would be redundant. Plus everyone knows it's better to read the book before seeing the visual interpretation. However, I am having a fresh and new experience. I love the fact they did not religiously stick to the original story line. (It was also smart from a business aspect, as well.) There is on major difference you should take note of; the time elapse difference between the comic and the TV show is very interesting. This allows the writers to create a variety of motivating factors when altering the decisions character make. (I.e. climate.)


  • Dale lets Rick know the group would like to appoint him as the leader. 
  • Tyreese makes his appearance early, in comparison to the TV show. (I can see why people were so excited about the long awaited appearance.)
  • The first mention of travelling cannibals, A.K.A the hunters. 
  • Rick sets the precedence that the change in the living is what people should be afraid of, not so much the walkers. (I.e Shane's meltdown) It seems like it took him a while to develop this mentality in the series. I believe his encounter with the governor facilitates this frame of thinking the TV show. 
  • Lori reveals she is pregnant to Rick. At least in the comic she isn't as deceiving as in the TV show; but I think her discreetness had a lot to with Shane still being alive.
  • OMG I did not know Andrea and Dale get it on!!!! Ugh???!!! This is mirrored in the TV show by their close relationship, just not quite as close. 
  • The group tried to settle in a gated community, Wilshire, but they later find out that it is over-run with walkers. During the escape Donna dies. 
  • Carl finally gets shot and taken to the farm for medical attention. It seems that Tyreese is taking the place of Shane, in the TV series. 
  • Surprisingly, Hershel was very forthcoming about the walkers in the barn. Another big difference from the TV series. In season two that was a big part of the story line. Epic events were involved with the barn: Sophia's walker was revealed, and the awesome burning of the barn.
  • The infamous barn massacre did not result in the reveal of Sophia's death (yay she's still alive!). However, it did make Hershel realize the severity of the situation they are living in. 
  • Hershel's character is completely different in the comic. I did not expect him to pull out his gun on Rick and threaten to bitch slap Lori.  They really dove into the issue of Hershel losing his children and wanting the group's stay to be temporary. 
  • I must say that from the beginning of the comics Carl has been a bad ass. When he see's his family in a physical altercation is has one finger on the trigger finger. Now I am not surprised by the character development in the TV series. 
  • Rick and the group leave the barn, minus Glenn - because he is in love with Maggie, and scavenge for food and water. Eventually, Dale and Andrea stumble upon the prison.

Random Thoughts

  • When Dale told Rick the group appointed him as the leader he mentioned Christmas. Rick totally had a breakdown. Rick made Dale promise not to mention it because it would be a HUGE party pooper. The expression on his face was overly dramatic and priceless. 
  • When Tyreese and his daughter and boyfriend arrive, the bitchy Lori is starting show now that Shane has died. (lol)
  • From the beginning, Tyreese is very frank and funny, likable. 
  • Do I spot some sexual tension between Tyreese and Carol?
  • Who didn't foresee Tyreese getting "Them skins". . Carol?
  • Lori seems to be much more likable in the comic than in the TV show. 
  • I think it's cute that Glenn has/had a crush on Carol. I think it sucks the way they casted her on the TV series. But, they made it clear the TV series isn't a mirror of the comic book. 
  •  A lot of TWD enthusiast have been upset with the TV series. I don't understand when they know the TV series is a direct reflection of the comic. I would suggest that people think of the two as alternate universes. 
  • I really like the pragmatic way Maggie and Glenn hook up. Damn, you know times are hard when you can use talking about another women as a pick up line. 
  • I think it's kind of funny that every time someone needs to get the attention of a walker they yell, "Over here UGLY!" It works like a charm.
  • Julie and Chris are very irritating. It seems as if they are planning a double suicide or to run away - since they have the guns. And they also do not like Tyreese and Carol's relationship for some unknown reason. 
  • I am so glad to see many characters in different lights. Dale and Sofia are still alive. I get to explore a completely different Carol. Tyreese is introduced much earlier, and I get to uncover what the hoopla  is all about. I am sad to see some character die or exit the story line. All in all it's a great "alternate universe" of the walking dead.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vol. 1: Days Gone By (Issues #1-6)

Awww, the beginning of the end. This volume covers the events from when Rick is shot and hospitalized, until the group leaves the camp outside of Atlanta.

For the most part, the beginning of the comic parallels the T.V. show; but in much greater detail. The following is a list of major differences I have noticed.

  • There is a difference in the time frame the group remains at the camp near Atlanta. It appears they stayed until early winter, which contributed to their decision to leave. They needed to find shelter.
  • When Rick wakes up from a coma he changes his clothes immediately. (Why is important? It's not.) Therefore, my favorite scene in the T.V. show doesn't exist in the comic universe. I loved seeing Rick in his hospital robe riding a bike. 
  • The comic convey's Rick's feeling in greater detail. He's very emotional, and rightfully so. This insight helps the reader to understand some of the decisions makes.
  • Carl seems to be way younger than 7-years-old.
  • As easy as it was to hate Shane in the T.V. show, it's even easier in the comic. His character is very one dimensional, and short lived.
  • Carol is portrayed as a young and attractive blonde woman.
  • There's a new family. Allen (Father), Donna (Mother), and their twin boys.
  • Sadly, T-Dawg, Merle, and Daryl do not exist in this realm of The Walking Dead. This means Merle never gets to be a horrible racist, lose his hand, nor redeem himself by making the ultimate sacrifice. 
  • Instead of learning how to shoot at Hershel's farm, Rick trains the group while they are still at the original camp site. 
  • I almost forgot, the incredible tank scene when Rick arrives in Atlanta. Yeah, that does not exist in the comic :(
  • Last but not least, Carl shoots and kills Shane in the woods of the camp site, not at the farm (as seen on T.V.). The premise of events that lead up to the remain the same.
Random Thoughts
Reading the comic has made it easier for me to connect with Rick's character. Even though I knew what was going to happen in this volume I felt more involved. Surprisingly, Lori is not as annoying as she is in the T.V. show. I kind of like the fact that Carol is a younger female. 

This is the first comic book that I've read in years. The drawing is spectacular. I never thought I would be engaged and thrilled by a comic book. I shouldn't be surprised because it's The Walking Dead, it's amazing. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Obsessed

Everyone has heard about The Walking Dead, and if you haven't your life sucks! Just in case you're in that position I am going to provide a link that gives a good description of the show (See Series Overview). Better yet, just watch the first episode and I promise you will be hooked.

The show is soooo freakin' amazing that I've decided that I have to read the comic book series. Yeah, I know I'm super late. I have 18 volumes to read before I catch up. I know you're like comic books? Ehhhhh? This comic has opened my mind to comic; they're not just for little kids and superheroes.

New found greatness has inspired me to blog my thoughts and overview about each volume. I will mostly be comparing the differences, I notice, between the T.V. show and comic. I will also point out other things that intrigue me like: quotes, characters, and events.

I hope that you guys enjoy! :)

Peace & Love