Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vol. 4 The Hearts Desire (Issues #19–24)


  • Michonne has made her appearance. Instead of saving Andrea in the woods, after Andrea escapes from the farm; Michonne saves Otis as he approaches the prison.
  • Rick kills Dexter during the fire fight with the zombies. Dexter basically dared Rick to shoot, "A smart man would of let it get me." That's all the invitation Rick needed. It was similar to the T.V. show when Rick axed the Hispanic inmate - the same story line. 
  • Precautions - It seems like Rick isn't taking any chances. Even though Michonne saved Otis's life she still has to surrender her weapons and locked up at night. I don't fault him for taking this precaution. 
  • Love Triangle -It seems like there may be tension between Carol, Tyreese, and Michonne
  • Allen is bitten by a walker. IN the T.V. show Hershel is bitten during the clearing of A-block.
  •  Electricity? - Dale and Tyreese find a back up generator.
  • Wham Bam Thank You Mam - Damn Michonne gave Tyreese head like it was a customary hand shake. And of course Carol happens to see it. Then Carol does something completely dumbfounding. While she and Tyreese are sleeping she decides to give him a BJ. Of course he's caught off guard and confused. Eventually she kicks him out of their cell.
  • Suicide Attempts - Carol, a selfish bitch, slits her wrist in front of Sophia.
  • Irrational Decisions - Another WTF moment courtesy of Carol, she kisses Rick for standing up to Tyreese about Michonne.
  • New Administration - The group decides that Rick should not be the sole leader. A committee is formed. It includes: Dale, Hershel, Rick, and Tyreese.


  • Patricia: "Dexter's been shot!" Rick: "Cry me a river."
  • Rick: "You Kill. You Live."
  • Rick: "We are the Walking Dead!"

Random Thoughts

  • I like the fact that Andrea is much more useful, and level headed in the comics
  • Rick has so much conviction in his theory about cutting off Allen's leg. I wonder where he gets the confidence. 
  • Carl and Sophia's scenes are always so enduring.
  • I really enjoyed Rick's speech at the end. It made me feel the urgency of life at the Prison, their sanctuary. 

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