I am going to keep a running count of all the characters that die and how the died. If I'm missing someone or am incorrect please let me know. Each time I update, I will let you know how far I've read. Currently, the list is based upon deaths up until Issue #121 All Out War Ch. 7 of 12.

1.Amy   (Andrea's sister)
2.Jim    (Survivor that made it out of Atlanta)
3. Shane   (Carl's sharp shooting after his meltdown)
4. Donna   (Is bitten during the exploration of Wilshire)
5. Arnold & Lacey   (Hershel's son  and daughter/ was bitten while they were trying to secure a walker in the barn)
6. Julie   (Tyreese's daughter/ her boyfriend, Chris, shot her in attempt to kill each other at the same time; so they could be together forever.)
7. Chris   (Tyreese kills him with his bare hands)
8. Susie & Rachel (The inmate Thomas cut off their heads)
9. Thomas (Executed via Maggie)
10. Dexter (Executed by Rick)
11. Allen (Bitten by a walker during the clearing of A-Block)
12. Eugene (Behead by Michonne)
13. Dr. Stevens (Bit by a walker during the escape from Woodbury)
14. Otis (Bit when the prison was over ran)
15. Martinez (Executed by Rick)
16. Carol (Decided to commit suicide via feeding herself to a walker)
17. Tyreese (Executed via decapitation by The Governor)
18. Axel (Shot in the head during The Governor's attack on the prison)
19. Matthew (Killed by The Governor during the second attack on the prison because he hesitated to continue the attack)
20. Patricia (Killed during the second attack on the prison)
21. Billy (Killed during the second attack on the prison)
22. Lori (Shot in the stomach, while carrying Judith, during the second attack on the prison)
23. Judith (Died in her mother's arms during the escape from the prison)
24. Hershel (Shot point blank by The Governor while grieving over Billy's body)
25. The Governor (Fed to the walkers by Lilly during the prison attack)
26. Duane (Bit by a walker)
27. Billy - One of Donna and Allen's twins (Gutted by his twin brother)
28. Ben - Billy's twin (Shot by Carl)
29. The Hunter's (Executed by Rick's group)
30. Dale (Was bitten by a walker)
31. Scott (Died from an infected leg wound)
32. Derrick (Shot in the head by Andrea)
33. Derrick group (Lost a gun fight with the community)
34. Bruce (Bit by a walker while clearing the fence of the community. Executed by Abe)
35. Tobin (Belly buffet for walker then they pushed down the wall in the community.)
36. Morgan (Bitten while trying to fend of walkers from the wall.)
37. Ron (Bitten while trying to escape the community)
38. Jessie (Bitten while trying to escape the community)
39. Douglas (Overtaken by walkers when 'trying' to convince Rick to return to a house)
40. Ethan (Rick slit his throat when he tried to assassinate Gregory.)
41. Abraham (Shot in the head, with an arrow, by The Saviors.)
42. Glenn (Beat to death by Negan)
43. Spencer (Killed by Negan when he asked him to kill Rick.)
44. David (Executed by Negan for trying to rape Holly.)
45. Eric (Shot in the head during the war with The Saviors.)
46. Richard (Shot during the war with The Saviors.)
47. Holly (Negan turned her into a walker.)
48. John (Bitten by walk while trying to take a piss.)
49. Denise (Bitten by walker Holly)

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