Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Issue #119 All Out War - - Chapter 5 of 12


  • The issue begins with Rick's 'squad' scavenging supplies from The Savior's camp.
  • Ezekiel is having a tough time dealing with his defeat in battle, and is questioning his leadership abilities. Michonne uses her best motivation technique to encourage him to be strong - - a punch in the jaw.
  • Rick's 'squad' returns safely to The Alexander Safe Zone.
  • An emergency strategy meeting is held to prepare for the next attack from The Saviors. The meeting is interrupted by greetings from a grenade launcher, with much love from Negan. The Savior's rebuttal was much sooner than Rick anticipated. 
  • Negan forces Rick to 'talk' to him by using Holly as bait. Rick says he will cooperate if Holly is released. Negan gladly obliges the request.
  • Once Holly is inside the gates of The Alexandria Safe Zone, Dr. Cloydd removes the rope around her wrists and the bag from her head. Dr. Cloydd expected Holly to have sustained some type of injuries, but she did not expect her to be a walker. In complete and utter shock she fails to evade Holly's bite.
  • Negan uses this distraction to catch Rick's group off guard and attacks.

Random Thoughts

  • Man, you have to love Carl's new hair swoop. It covers his eye wound perfectly.
  • Oh did I miss Negan's grand entrances.
  • I was wondering why couldn't anyone hear Holly make the infamous zombie growl. Maybe it is bad to assume they always growl. Initially, I thought Negan cut out her tongue, or severely disfigured her face. 

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