Sunday, December 15, 2013

Issue #118 All Out War - - Chapter 4 of 12


  • The issue begins with Gregory and the members that deserted Rick's army returning to The Hilltop.
  • While explaining to The Hilltop community his version of events, Gregory accuses Maggie of knowing Rick and Jesus' plan the whole time. It seems as if he's trying to paint her as a villain. 
  • Gregory tries to convince the group to try to rectify the agreement with Negan and The Saviors. He believes this is the only way to survive the war. 
  • Maggie takes a stand against Gregory, and gives a heartfelt speech about why they should stand with the other communities against Negan.  
  • Michonne arrive back at The Alexandria Safe Zone to help Carl prepare for an attack from The Saviors. Carl has stepped up and become a leader while his father is at war.
  • There's a pretty long montage of war scenes with Ezekiel's thoughts over the panels.  
  • The battle started off great but ended badly. A lot of his men died during the battle. Not only did they have to deal with The Saviors, but the situation was complicated with zombies.
  • Eventually, Ezekiel manages to escape into the woods by himself but is met by a group of zombies. Shiva, his tiger, rescued him but was overwhelmed by zombies during the process.
  • The issue ends with Ezekiel making it back to The Alexandria Safe Zone, and telling Michonne about the battle.

Random Thoughts

  • It was very touching to see Maggie proclaim her belief in Rick's leadership. I thought their relationship was on the rocks since Glenn's death, and her deciding to move to The Hilltop.
  • I think it's time for Gregory to be eaten by zombies. He is awfully annoying beyond belief.

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