Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Issue #117 All Out War - - Chapter 3 of 12


  • The issue begins with Negan feeling triumphant about his new hostage, Holly. He has mistaken her for Andrea and plans to use her as leverage against Rick. Holly rain's on his parade by letting him know he's sadly mistaken.
  • It seems that the virus that has infected the entire human race doesn't effect animals. Ezekiel's tiger, Shiva, eats walkers without any signs of infection. 
  • Rick plans to send Michonne and few others back to the community to prepare for a counter-attack from The Saviors.
  • Rick's army is going to split into two groups, and attack Negan's outpost. Hopefully, their communicate has broken down, and Rick's attacks will catch them off guard.
  • When Negan's group tries to start clearing walkers they realize they are severely out numbered, and have to retreat.
  • A Savior named David tries to rape Holly. Negan catches David before he's able to go through with his sexual assault, and stabs him in the neck. Negan has strict rules about rape. He feels strongly about sexual crimes. As usual he tries to use the one of few redeeming qualities he has to paint himself as a sane and rational person.

Randoms Thoughts

  • Negan is something else. As horrible as he is, there are moments that you can't help but laugh at his speeches. 
  • As of now it seems that Rick's group has the upper hand in the war. It really depends on if Dwight followed Negan's orders to send word to the outpost. Nothing has been revealed about that situation. Negan looks like he has his back up against the wall.


  • Negan: "The fastest way to a man's heart is through his vagina."

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