Friday, November 22, 2013

Issue #116 All Out War - - Chapter 2 of 12


  • Gregory over estimated how many of his people made up Rick's army. Only eight people decided to leave after Negan's threat. Of course this pisses Negan off, so he kicks Gregory of the balcony. 
  • Rick gives Negan another chance to accept the offer. Negan's response was snipers opening fire on Rick's army.
  • Negan orders Dwight to assemble a team to sneak out the back and get support from the out posts.
  • Rick instructs the gunners to shoot all the windows out. This cause a great deal noise which begins to attract masses of walkers. Rick's army loads back up the bus to leave, and Rick tries to ram their gate open. If successful The Savior's camp will be surrounded by zombies in no time. 
  • Holly decide to deviate from the plan and try to help Rick open the gates. Rick tries to turn her around, because he doesn't think Negan will kill him  - - because it's all a game in Negan's twisted mind. Holly knees Rick in the stomach, takes the truck, and races toward the gate.
  • Holly successfully burst threw the gate, but is injured from the impact. Negan takes her hostage.
  • The rest of the army get to a safe haven and are celebrating. When Michonne realizes Rick stayed back she panics. 
  • Rick approaches the army from a top of a hill and reminds them they haven't won the war, and it's not time to celebrate. 

Random Thoughts

  • I really do hope Gregory broke a bone when Negan kicked him off the balcony. His cowardice actions got him and his people no where - - no progress. What makes it worse he tries to hide who he really is. If you're coward be a  proud coward. (Be like Samwell Tarly of A Game of Thrones.)
  • I am absolutely dying to see what decision Dwight make. Did he follow Negan's order? Or is he really on Rick's side?

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