Friday, November 22, 2013

Issue #115 All Out War - Chapter 1 of 12


  • This issue begins with the characters waking up the morning of their planned attack.
  • Rick confesses to Andrea that he isn't sure how this is going to turn out. He also feels a lot of pressure since Jesus told him he's the key to all of this. Without Rick none of this would be possible, and everyone looks to him for leadership.
  • Ezekiel and Michonne are 'hooking up ' now.
  • Eugene, and a few others, have been working through the night to make as many cases of ammo.
  • Rick calls a meeting before the assembly and attack The Saviors. They go over the plan again and try to find an holes or possible weakness.
  • Andrea and Carl stay at the community for protection measures. Andrea is still recovering from he fight in the bell tower. 
  • When Rick's army reaches The Savior's community Rick shoots a few rounds to get their attention. Negan is pissed and surprised. Rick tries to offer a peace agreement - - The Savior stop raiding the communities supplies, Negan and his soldier surrender themselves, and no war is necessary.
  • Negan refuses the offer and has an ace in the hole - - Gregory (The Hilltop's leader). It's clear Negan has force his hand. He tells the residents of The Hilltop that if they attack they will no longer accepted in the community. And their families will suffer and be kicked out of the community as well. 

Random Thoughts

  • I really enjoyed how Kirkman wrote in a throw back quote from the prison. When Rick told Negan, "..You kill and you die." I relived the scene of him beating Thomas to a bloody pulp and hanging him.


  • Rick: "Once, a long time ago, I made a rule.... I think maybe it's time to finally stick to it. YOU KILL AND YOU DIE." 

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