Friday, November 15, 2013

Vol. 13 Too Far Gone (Issues #73–78)


  • The volume begins with a group from the community preparing to make a run for materials to strengthen the perimeter wall. Glen and Rick are still 'scoping' the armory, which is stock piled with tons of weapons. 
  • During the material run Bruce warns Abe about the community not being as great as it seems. Bruce obviously has an issue with Douglas' leadership methods. 
  • Rick and Glen successfully steal the guns from the armory. Rick doesn't want everyone in the 'original' group to know they have guns. He worries about some of the member's loyalty since salvation is knocking at their door. However, Rick feels it is best to remained armed.
  • Rick offers Andrea a gun, but she refuses to take the gun. She is afraid that breaking the rules will jeopardize their new living situation. Andrea also accuses Rick of planning to take of the community. Rick ends the conversation with asking Andrea to keep their conversation private.  
  • While working on the wall, the construction crew is attacked by walkers. Of course Abe saves the day and takes charge of the crew. Tobin, to former head of the construction crew, recommends Douglas officially makes Abe the new crew leader. During this conversation Tobin hints that Douglas really isn't as welcoming to Rick's group as he lets on. 
  • After much thought and prayer Pastor Gabriel decides to share is opinion of Rick's group with Douglas. Gabriel thinks they are dangerous and tries to convince Douglas it was a grave mistake to let Rick's group stay. Surprisingly, Douglas dismisses Gabriel's claims. 
  • Glenn finds a group stuck in a store while on a run into the city. He decides to watch them before making his next move. Next thing he knows, the group is feeding someone to the walkers. Of course that was a sign to high tail it out of the area. 
  • Rick finally get some action as the town's constable. He suspects that Pete, a random townie, is abusive to his wife and son, Jessie and Ronnie. When Rick approached Douglas about the situation it seemed like he is aware of it, and has over looked it because Pete is a doctor. Rick lets Douglas know that, as constable, he is either going to exile Pete  or sentence him to death. 
  • Rick goes off of the deep end when he was delivering Pete's sentence. He marched into his house and started a fight. During his tirade it's obvious that Rick is having control issues. He believe that he's the only one that can keep the group safe. Things escalate when he pulls a gun on Douglas in front of the whole community. The situation calms down when Michonne hits Rick on the back of the head - knocking some sense into him. 
  • PARALLEL: After everything is settled Douglas has a conversation with Rick about the community's former leader, Alexander Davidson. He explain how Davidson let his power in the group corrupt his ways, and make questionable decisions. Douglas felt he was a threat to the community so he tricked Davidson to going outside the wall and then exiled him. Douglas threatens to kill Rick if he becomes a threat to the community. (So if you are up to date with the TV series, you can see how similar this event was to Rick's decision to banish Carol from the prison.)
  • Glenn safely returns to the community after his run. Unfortunately, the group he saw heard the sound of his motorcycle. 
  • Douglas decides to let Rick keep caring a gun and continue his position as town constable. He understands Rick and doesn't think Rick had the wrong motive. Douglas just doesn't agree with Rick's method. Douglas also made it clear who was the leader of the community. 
  • Carl catches Rick 'talking' to Lori on the unplugged telephone. Of course this freaks him out.
  • Spencer invites Andrea to house for dinner. They almost kissed but Andrea has not recovered from Dale's death.
  • Apparently, Glenn and Maggie haven't been having sex. Glenn feels like Maggie is shutting him out. He finally gets Maggie to express her feelings. She's felt awkward around him since she tried to hang herself.  . . . . They make up.
  • Pete is extremely upset that he had to move to a new house, away from his family. He decides to approach Rick, knife in hand, while the community is burying Scott. Regina, Douglas' wife, tries to stop Pete. He response to Regina by slitting her throat. Rick pulls his gun on Pete, and with Douglas' permission, shoots him.
  • The group Glenn and Heath spotted in the city is definitely looking for the community's location. It seems that this group is lead by a man named Derrick, and he does not have good intentions. Derrick's group heard Rick shoot Pete, which confirms they are headed in the right direction.
  • The funeral for Scott, Regina, and Pete was interrupted by Derrick. He got the communities attention by firing his gun at the front gate. While everyone was taking there position out of site Rick approached Derrick at the gate. Derrick threatened Rick while his sniper aimed his red dot at Rick chest. Before you know it Andrea, who was in the bell tower, shoots Derrick and his sniper. Derrick's group still tries to attack the community, but it was futile. 
  • The volume ends with Douglas in a very weakened state. He's mourning the loss of his wife, and contemplating his leadership abilities. He recognizes that without Rick's decisions the community may not have survive the attack; and hands the reigns to Rick.

Random Thoughts

  • Douglas gives me the creeps. He is always popping up out of everywhere. He's like big brother, a watchful eye on everything and everyone. 
  • Since Daryl isn't in the comic book series, I have to give the bad ass title to Abe. 
  • The awkward moment of the volume is when Michonne asks Rick if he has spoken with Lori lately. It kind of made me giggled. 
  • I thought it was really cool to see Rick talk about the situation between Lori and Shane. It seems like he is truly at peace about their relationship.
  • It's so weird not see Rick in a leadership role. As much as he claims that he doesn't want the responsibility he's always assuming the position. It was interesting to see Douglas stand his ground and not let Rick over step his boundaries. LOL I think Rick may have authority issues. 
  • Derrick's threats are very cheesy. I am so glad he was EXTREMELY short lived.


  • Rick's speech during Scott, Regina, and Pete's funeral: "Do any of really know who we are? And even if we do now, did we know before all this started happening? Without this adversity, this hardship, how do we really know who we are, and what truly matters to us? This is something I find myself thinking about a lot, now that I'm living here and I have the luxury of spending time with my thoughts. The things I've done to survive inform who I am as a person. I am a man who will do thing to protect my family. A lot of these things I've done. . . . I'm not proud of. Are these things my fault? I know I would not have done them were the situation different.... So how am I to blame? Pete was a loving husband and a father and he did some bad, unforgivable things....But at the end of the day, how can we judge him... How can I? Is that who Pete really was? Or is that who he was made into by his surroundings? Was the man who killed Regina truly Pete Dotson or was he changed - -No different than if he'd died and come back? I say we should remember the man he was, not the --"

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