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Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves (Issue #85–90)


  • The volume begins with the community gathering and burning the zombie bodies. Glenn and Abe stumble upon Jessie's body, she'd turned.
  • After the work day Rosita and Abe are winding down. Abe notices that Rosita is deep in thought and asks her what's on her mind. (Men, this is never a good idea unless you want a bomb drop on your head.) Rosita tells Abe, "Oh I'm sorry. I'm just trying to decide if enough time has passed. . . For me to admit that you've been fucking Holly."
  • A burial service is held for all the people that died during the herd attack.
  • Rick holds a meeting to discuss with the group plans on re-establishing the community/safe zone. He has hope that they can reform civilization if they focus on the bigger picture. He want's to make traps in the surrounding roads, so walkers and people cannot approach the wall easily. (Parallel: similar to the set up Morgan had on the TV series.) Eugene suggests they make trenches on the outside of the wall, and use the dirt to pile on the inner side of the wall - - for extra support. Abe is willing to provide extensive weapons training to the whole community. Glenn wants to having more community event so everyone can bond. Heath is thinking of ways to making runs more effective. The triumph over the herd has really given everyone a sense of hope.
  • Rosita decides to move out of the house with Abe. He gives a dose of tough love by saying, "Wait listen, I'm not sorry for cheating on you with Holly. I'm sorry that I hurt you in the process. After my wife died. . . You were there for me. I appreciate that. And for a time, you were what I needed. But I always found myself thinking 'what if you aren't the last woman on earth?' and well.... you're not."
  • Carl is still in a coma. Dr. Cloyd is trying to brace Rick for the reality of the situation. They cannot tell if Carl will survive, and if he does there's no telling what condition he'll be in. 
  • The group begins implementing their plans from the meeting. Andrea has taken over gun training. Rick and the others are scouting the outside perimeter and making concrete plans and preparations for roadblocks.
  • Rick is really struggle with the fact everyone thinks he's a good person. He realizes that he isn't really a good person, but a very selfish man. He's only done things that benefited his family. He's now realizing that he should change and have the group as a priority.
  • Andrea and Rick's relationship seems to being growing. (It reminds me of the relationship Rick has with Michonne on the TV show.)
  • Abe is obviously upset about Rosita moving out. Holly is pressuring him to move on, but he's not quite ready. Abe feels real guilty. 
  • Imaginary Lori blames Rick for Carl getting shot. Their last conversation seemed to be devastating to Rick.
  • While digging ditches, Nicholas asks Heath why are they taking order from Rick's original group. Heath doesn't share the same feelings. Heath believe the community is better off the new additions. 
  • Olivia, who oversee the food, lets Rick know the food supply is low. Maggie over hears the conversation and begs Rick to convince Glenn to not go on the next supply run.
  • Carl wakes up from a coma. He is having a hard time remembering things. He even asked Rick where Lori was. Dr. Cloyd says his prognosis looks good because his cognitive skills are intact, and memory loss is common with brain injuries. 
  • Rick isn't dealing with Carl's recovery very well, so he decides to go on the supply run.
  • While Rick and few other are out on the supply run, Nicholas tries to convince Spencer and Olivia that Rick is no good for the group. Olivia doesn't think Rick and the other a necessarily a danger, but doesn't like how he's the new leader. Nicholas tries to use scare tactics to get his point across. He says, "Either we kill Rick, or he kills us".
  • During the supply run Andrea finds Rick in a store crying. He opens up to her and expresses his worry about Carl's emotional well being. Rick thought it would be harder on Carl when he reminded him Lori was dead, but Carl handled it coldly. Rick feels overwhelmingly sad because Carl is 'too far gone' -- his hope and innocence are gone. 
  • Glenn over hears the conversation Nicholas, Olivia, and Spencer are having as he approaches them. Nicholas immediately gets aggressive with Glenn and starts to advance towards him. In defense Glenn pulled out his gun, which sends Nicholas into a rage. The two tussle, and Nicholas manages to grab the gun from Glenn and points it at his head. Glenn gut checks Nicholas and runs away.
  • Glenn makes it to his house and gets Maggie's gun, and secures her and Sophia in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Nicholas is outside of his house trying to rally the original community member with a hate speech against Rick and his group.
  • Glenn comes out of his house, gun drawn. Him and Nicholas argue a few minutes before Rick returned and chumped Nicholas into submission.
  • After Rick's speech about the community needing to stand together, Nicholas went to Rick's house and apologized. He tried to explain his actions, and thanked Rick for having mercy. 
  • Maggie feels like it was her fault that Glenn was in danger today, because she asked Rick not to send him on the run. She feels like no matter where they go they will never be safe.
  • The volume closes with Rick confiding in Andrea. He confesses that he really wanted  to kill Nicholas. He truly feels that it would be the easiest and safest decision. Rick also feels bad that he's trying to promote re-establishing the old way of living to the community and Carl, when he doesn't think he can every live life as it was. He feels dead inside. At the end of the conversation he and Andrea kiss. 

Random Thoughts

  • The look on Abe's face, when Rosita told him she knew about Holly, was priceless.
  • As much as an asshole Abe can be, I cannot be upset with him. I love his bluntness. It's a characteristic that grew on me. 
  • It's so enduring that the character's in the book still hold on to the possibility of having a normal life, despite everything they've been through. Carl is the only exception. He has no fantasy about a 'normal' life. This is normal life, he's never has a chance really live in a pre-apocalyptic world. I think this will prepare to be a good leader. 
  • Maggie is really annoying. She is always a bitch when Glenn has to go on a run. I understand that's her husband and she loves him, but it's just damn right selfish and stupid. How is she going to eat, much less the community, if the capable people aren't gathering food?
  • Relationships during the zombie apocalypse are intense. Spencer just can't understand Andrea doesn't want to be with him.
  • Since the zombies freeze or slow down significantly during the winter, wouldn't it be a good idea to hunt them?


  • Rick: "Do you have any fucking idea who you are talking to!"

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