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Volume 14 No Way Out (Issues #79–84)


  • The volume begins with Aaron and Eric returning from scouting in a rush. Eric had been stabbed by a women they were trying to recruit. 
  • Dr.  Clyod and Heath appear to be "hooking up".        
  • Morgan is taking an interest in Michonne again.
  • Carl is kind of glad the attack happen because he thinks the community needed a wake up call.
  • The gun fight with Derrick's group called a lot of Walker attention the community. 
  • Abe organized a clearing strategy. (Very similar to the method used on the TV series when the group is at the prison. Abe's method is much more effective.)      
  • While Abe and his team are clearing the area in front of the gate a herd approaches. During the scramble to get back inside the gate Bruce is bitten on the neck. Bruce made back inside the gate, but of course everyone is looking at him with pitiful faces. Abe takes the responsibility of burying an ax in Bruce's forehead. (Even Rick was a bit surprised by Abe's swiftness.)
  • Holly is upset that Abe killed Bruce without a second thought. They argue and then a curve ball into the mix. Holly embraces Abe and call his honey - - and it's not in a platonic manner. Of course Abe tries to pull away, because he does not want Rosita to see.
  • Rick calls a town meeting to establish a plan for dealing with the herd surround the perimeter of the community. He is giving everyone the option to carry a weapon. Michonne is going to start a Night-Watch program. Since winter has begun, everyone is going to start sharing houses to conserve solar energy. Abe is assigning people to groups to sweep the walls and find any weak points.
  • Jessie and Ron move in with Rick and Carl. While the parents are downstairs talking, Ron creeps into Carl's room and confronts him about Rick killing his father. Carl handles the situation like a champ and tells Ron, "My dad has killed a lot of people, and so have I." After the conversation Ron seemed to cool off and warm up to Carl.
  • During the middle of the night, Jessie sneaks into Rick's room. She asks him if she could sleep next to him, because it would make her feel much safer. Before Rick could answer, Jessie put her tongue down Rick's throat. With little resistance Rick gave into Jessie's advances. 
  • After Michonne and Morgan finish having sex he's still rambling about trying not to feel guilty, as if he's cheating on his wife. Until this point Michonne has been very supportive of his feelings. She feels as if Morgan is disregarding everyone feelings like he's the only one that has lost someone. Michonne gives Morgan a pep talk about living in the present.
  • Parallel: The walkers are pushing down the walls of the community just as they did in the TV series. Sadly there isn't minced zombies to come with this dilemma.
  • Spencer, Heath, and Glenn decide to use a mountain rope to climb to a rooftop outside of the wall. They are trying to get Andrea supplies and find a way to draw the walkers away from the walls.
  • The mountain rope snaps in two while Spencer was crossing. Thankfully, he was holding on the end that was closest to the building outside the wall. Glenn and Heath tried their best to pull Spencer up onto the roof but could not must enough strength. Then out of no where Andrea saves the day and gives just enough man power to pull Spencer out of the sea of walkers.
  • Holly and Tobin are guarding the weaken part of the wall when the walkers finally break through. Holly goes to find help while Tobin tries to hold off the walkers. He is unsuccessful and becomes the belly buffet for the walkers.
  • Rick and Morgan are the first to arrive at the wall to help. Holly is still trying to round of people to help contain the walkers. Morgan is overwhelmed with walkers and is bitten on arm. When Michonne arrives she doesn't hesitate to cut off his arm.
  • Andrea, Heath, Spencer, and Glenn can see the herd piling into the community. They don't think it's smart to leave the roof. Meanwhile Glenn is having a mini panic attack.
  • Despite the group's best efforts at the wall, walkers started to spread all over the community. Every decided it was best to retreat and find safety in a house.
  • Morgan was taken to Rick house and Dr. Cloyd patched his wound. Rick left Carl to watch Morgan - - in case he turned. When Morgan woke up he told Carl he saw him shoot Ben. 
  • Andrea is mulling through ideas that can help rescue the community. Spencer suggest that he and Andrea leave everyone, including Heath and Glenn. Andrea decks him in the mouth and break up with him within the same breath.
  • Rick shocks Jessie and Maggie when he decides it's best the group in the house should try to run and get out of the community without anyone else. He confessed that he only cares about Carl's safety, but will do everything he can to help once they're safe.
  • During this whole fiasco Douglas is in his house having a colossal mental breakdown, and is considering committing suicide.
  • Andrea has decided the four of them should climb down from the roof and start trying to lead the walkers out of the community, lose the walkers, then return to the roof. She hopes after a few rotations it will draw out enough walkers.
  • When Morgan lost consciousness again Michonne 'put him out of his misery'.
  • Maggie decides that she and Sophia aren't going to run away with Rick. 
  • Michonne is going to help Dr. Cloyd get back to her office and then meet up with Rick. Dr. Cloyd decides not to wear a 'zombie gut poncho' (big mistake).
  • Rick, Carl, Jessie, and Ron gear up with their zombie ponchos, link hands, and make a run for the gate. Ron is so afraid that he stops and pisses on himself, and refuses to move. A zombie bites him on the shoulder, but Jessie wont let him go. Rick tries to convince her but it's too late and a few zombie sink their teeth in her. She begs Rick not to leave them and refuses to let go of Carl's hand. Rick, without hesitating, chops her hand off with an ax.
  • Douglas, in a crazy stupor, runs into the streak and tell Rick to go back into the house. Douglas begins to starting shooting walkers, which is attracting walkers. Eventually he is taken down. While the walkers are feeding on him he continues to fire his gun without aiming. When the shots stop Rick looks to Carl only to find he was hit with a stray bullet in the right eye
  • Rick is able to carry Carl to Dr. Cloyd's office. While Dr. Cloyd is tending to Carl, Rick and Michonne try to defend the house perimeter. The other members of the community see Rick and Michonne get surrounded and rally together to provide support.
  • The volume closes with Rick sitting next to Carl's bed realizing that there is hope. He knows he made a mistake when he chose to run, they should of stayed and fought the walker. After everything that happened with the herd, Rick is confident that he has a new plan to survive. He has hope that they can rebuild the community and defend it.

Random Thoughts

  • When Abe was introduced into the story I really disliked him. He was very forceful and just a grade A asshole. Plus, I thought he was going to kill Rick. I like Abe now because no matter what he makes sound decisions despite everything he's going through. Example: When the group arrived at the community he had time to relax. That time gave his emotions time to set in and take a toll. Despite his fear going back outside of the wall Abe went, and he kicked ass. 
  • I understand that being the leader is a lot of pressure to handle, but I wish Rick would embrace it more. I kind of laughed and was proud when Rick told Glenn, "Andrea isn't a priority right now..." even though she is stuck on the bell tower. 
  • I loved the conversation Rick had with Jessie. Jessie complimented Rick by saying he's a better person than most. Rick explains that he good things for the group solely because it directly effects the safety of his family. Everything boils down to his family. This kind of reminded me of the conversation he had with Carol (on the TV series) when he kicked her out of the group. I initially thought Rick is really selfish person, and at least Carol's actions were motivated by her allegiance to the group. However, when I think about it, anyone with a loved one is going to be selfish.
  • This volume has a lot of characters struggling with letting the people who have died go. The characters desperately clinging to their past lives, hoping it may provide comfort. 
  • Man I love Andrea in the comic books. It's so sad her character was so annoying the the TV series.
  • Rick has a love interest, finally. On the TV show I really wanted him to have someone he can lean on. I think that may have made a difference. He may have not went full blown "I just want to be a farmer" crazy. 
  • I shitted bricks when Carl was shot. I have never read a comic book that evokes so much emotion.
  • My heart was so tender when Abe and the rest of the group came out of hiding to help Rick and Michonne fight of the walkers.


  • Abe: "Ok people it's pretty obvious what we're doing here - - If it's dead FUCKING kill it!"
  • Rick: "I know but what choice do we have? The thing to keep in mind -- about other people's children -- they're not our children."

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