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Vol. 19: March To War (Issue #109-114)


  • This volume starts off with Maggie's daily life at The Hilltop. She visits Glenn's grave three times a day, and get check-ups from the town doctor. The pregnancy seems to be going as well as expected. 
  • Sophia doesn't like living at The Hilltop. She wants to go 'home'.
  • Jesus sneaks into The Hilltop to have a secretive conversation with Maggie. Rick wants her to know that they are planning an attack on Negan, but it needs to remain a secret. They would like her to keep an eye on Gregory, making sure he doesn't talk to Negan's people and ruin the plan. (This should be easy enough since Gregory is sweet on Maggie.)
  • Carl over hears Rick talking to Andrea about the plan to take down Negan. He tries to force/convince his dad to let him join the cause. But surprisingly, Rick was going to tell him and wants his help. He recognized he can no longer treat Carl like a little kid.
  • When Rick tells Michonne the real planned she's hurt that he lied to her, and didn't trust her. He explained that he didn't know if she could keep her cool in front of Negan. Michonne confesses to Rick that despite popular belief she's ready to put down her sword. She's tired of fighting.
  • The community's supply is low and they are anticipating a visit from The Saviors.
  • Spencer confronts Rick and blames him for the situation the community is in. He thinks Rick is being a coward by not taking a stand against The Saviors.
  • Jesus takes Maggie to The Hilltop's blacksmith and requests he make her a knife.
  • Jesus was suppose to meet up with Kal after he rounded up some people for the attack on Negan. Unfortunately, Kal disappeared before Jesus had a chance to meet back up with him.
  • It is suspected Kal has gone to warn Negan and The Saviors.
  • Rick lets Eugene in on the plan, but Eugene is hesitant. He didn't think his bullets would be used to kill people. He thought it would be used as offering to The Saviors, or just shooting walkers.
  • Rick gathers some of the people to go on a 'supply run', but they are actually going to The Kingdom.
  • Jesus catches up to Kal, but he's already shot a flare signaling a meeting The Saviors. When The Saviors arrive they are still arguing about what's best for The Hilltop. Thankfully Kal came around and did not expose the plan.
  • Rick's group make it to The Kingdom successfully. Everyone is caught off guard by 'King Ezekiel's' theatrics. Michonne isn't standing for one second. When Ezekiel tried to kiss her hand she pull her Katana on him. 
  • During the feast at The Kingdom Ezekiel and Michonne get to know each other better. Surprisingly they get a long great and have a few things in common.
  • Rick and Jesus are keeping the plans to attack Negan quiet not only to prevent him from finding out, but to give the people who aren't involved a chance to deny any involvement. 
  • Once the group from The Hilltop returned to The Kingdom training began and more plans were made.
  • Negan and The Savior arrive at Rick's community ahead a schedule. Since Rick was on a 'supply run' Negan thought it'll be best if they wait until he returns. He ordered Olivia to show them to the vacant houses in the neighborhood.
  • Spencer to the opportunity of Negan being at the community to try throw Rick under the bus. He tried to convince Negan to kill Rick, because he's not trustworthy. At first you think Negan is receptive to the idea but out of know where he tells Spencer, "You've have no guts." and slices stomach. Obviously Negan didn't like Spencer's sneaky approach.
  • Rick's reaction to Spencer's death was expected. He was livid and barely calmed down when Negan explained the situation.
  • As Negan and The Saviors leave Rick's community, Andrea races to the bell tower and takes out the driver of the truck. Rick and a few other chase after the truck and attack it. Negan was completely taken by surprise. However, Negan prepare for this situation. He had his snipers open fire on Rick group. Negan revealed he never come alone and tells Rick he's FUCKED.
  • Meanwhile in the bell tower, a Savior sneaks up on Andrea.
  • It looks like Negan is about to hit Rick with his barbed wire bat, but Carl shoots the bat which startles Negan. This send him into a rage and demands Carol be sent outside for punishment. 
  • Negan wants to kill Carl to break Rick. Since the community will not give Carl up, Negan decides he's going to kill the other three people who rushed attacked the van with Rick.
  • Andrea and The Savior struggle on top of the bell tower. For a while he had the advantage, but she managed to get a knife and deliver a few good blows. But he backed her to the window sea,l and just as she slits his throat it appears as if she is pushed out of the window. Good news, she didn't. Somehow she managed to throw The Savior out of the window.
  • Negan decides to play a game. If any of the hostages has the guts to name someone that should die they'll be allow to live. No one participates, so Negan decide to choose by playing any many miny moe . . .  again. 
  • Fortunately, Jesus arrives and throws a monkey wrench into his plan. Jesus manages to dodge dozens of bullets and make it to Negan and smash Lucille in his face. Then Jesus holds Negan hostage and makes everyone freeze.
  • Negan tries to negotiate with Jesus, but before he can response Shiva (Ezekiel's tiger) attacks The Saviors. In the heat of the moment everyone scramble, which gave The Saviors a chance to run away. Rick and Jesus wanted to go after them, but Ezekiel thinks it's unwise because they aren't prepared.
  • Carl and Rick have a nice father/son moment after the heat has died down. Rick lets Carl know how proud he is of his performance. 
  • The volume closes with The Savior retreat back to their camp. Everyone is a little disheveled and wondering what the next move is. Negan decides to declare war.

Random Thoughts

  • I think it's an awful shame Gregory cannot be trusted. I understand Negan is a horrible person, but to be so cowardly should be a crime. 
  • I thought the this conversation between Ezekiel and Michonne was really cute. I think they fit each other just perfect. He could bring her out of the shell she's built around her.
  • It's cool to see Michonne sleep with her katana in her hands. Unexpected? No, but cool to see it illustrated.
  • Every time Negan goes into a speech about how reasonable he is I want to tear the page out of the comic book. 


  • Negan: "You may think this is an inanimate object. An inconsequential piece of wood wrapped carefully with barbed wire.... Not something to be cherished. And you'd be dead fucking wrong. This is a lady. . . But at times, yeah. . she ain't so nice... Truth is..Lucille is a bitch. But she's my bitch. This bitch has saved my life more times than I can remember. She's the only bitch I've ever truly loved. If I could... I'd fuck her. And yes.. That means in my most private of moments I've probably rubbed my dick against her. I'm not ashamed to admit it."

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