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Vol. 16: A Larger World (Issues #91–96)


  • The volumes begins with Glenn and Maggie, as well as a few others, on a supply run. It seems that they ventured out far away from the safe zone. They've taken a van, and implied that they'd been sleeping in it a few nights. 
  • Maggie feels better about Glenn making the runs now that she has rode along. 
  • Rick is worried about the food supply. No matter how many runs the group goes on it's never going to be enough. It's been nearly 2 years since the world 'ended' and canned and dried food products are starting to expire. He wants to make plans to farm in the spring.
  • It appears the community has formed a council, and delegated people to handle different aspects of the community. Abe is head of zoning. 
  • To keep a close watch on Nicholas, Rick has included him on the council meetings. 
  • Rick and Andrea's relationship is at a stand still. Rick doesn't want to develop feelings for Andrea because everyone he cares about dies.
  • Andrea's been talking to Dale's hat.
  • Holly definitely has an issue with Rick being the leader of the community. Every time Abe questions Ricks decisions she turns the conversation in a negative direction.
  • Carl is being stubborn and doesn't want to clean his wound. He's having a hard time dealing with his injury.
  • Eric hid a bottle of scotch from the group. (Sound a little like someone I know. . . Bob Stookey.)
  • As the community is winding down and everyone is calling it a night, it is revealed that someone is spying on them with a pair of binoculars. 
  • Michonne and Abe decide to patrol the communities surround streets alone. Everything seems to being going great until they are attacked by the man who has been spying on the community. Somehow he kicks both their asses and forces Michonne to bring Rick outside for a 'conversation'. The mystery person introduces himself as Monroe, also known as Jesus.
  • Monroe is a scout and merchant for a large community 20 miles away from Rick's community. Monroe claim they have approximately 200 people in their camp. He says he would like to set up a trade relationship with Rick's group, just as he has with surrounding communities.
  • The notion of other communities near by has taken Michonne, Rick, and Abe aback.
  • Rick fools Monroe into thinking they will accept offer. When they two shook on the deal Rick surprised him with a right hook and knocked him out. 
  • Before Monroe could come to his sense they tied him up.
  • Rick only lets the council know they have a captive in the infirmary. He also briefs them about immediate defense plans.
  • Eugene thinks that if they start saving their spent rounds he may be able to make new bullets.
  • Andrea uncertain about Monroe's intentions. She worries that he might be telling the truth, and they've ruin a potentially beneficial relationship.
  • Eugene tries to convince Rosita to forget about Abe and give him a chance. (Not going to happen buddy. You use to watch Rosita and Abe have sex. And he actually tells her, "I know what you you like." Oh the irony.)
  • Rick, Abe, and Michonne go outside the walls to see if Monroe has anyone companions waiting for him in the area. During the search Rick's mind's everywhere. First he's convinced that there's an 'army' of people waiting to attack. Then he's weighing the possibility that Monroe's telling the truth.
  • While Rick is out scouting, Carl stumbles upon Monroe. Monroe coaxes Carl into coming into the room and talking to him.
  • Rick finds Carl in the infirmary with Monroe. Carl think he's a good guy. Rick makes Carl leave the room and tells Monroe the plan. Monroe is going to lead them to his camp, but he will remain tied up the entire trip. Rick lets him know if anything goes wrong he will kill without thinking twice.
  • Aaron tries to convince Rick to have a gentler approach with Monroe. He pointed out that Rick punch him when they first met, and his offer was legit. 
  • Rick tries to stop Andrea from coming on the trip to Monroe's camp. Andrea goes despite Rick's request. 
  • When the group stopped at a gas station for the night Rick discovers Carl in the back of the van with Monroe.
  • Monroe's being super helpful. He helped the group fight zombies and clear the road of cars, all while handcuffed. 
  • Monroe asked the group to pull over so he can go to the bathroom. Rick assumes he needs help with pulling down his pants, but Monroe has untied the rope before he got out of the car. Rick is shocked and asks him why he didn't escape already. Monroe says it's because he trust Rick.
  • Once the group reaches The Hilltop, where Monroe's people are located, Rick is very hesitant about leading them all into the gates. He'd prefer the leader meet them outside. Monroe convinces him by reminding him of how he was a cooperative prisoner.
  • The Hilltop is beautiful. It's well protected, has a huge farm, and a mansion. They've even gathered mobile homes to form a neighborhood.
  • While Monroe is giving Rick's group a tour of the mansion a man named Gregory request a meeting with Rick.
  • The meeting with Gregory was interrupted the return of one of The Hilltop's residents, Ethan. Apparently, he went on a run with other and returned alone - - which is bad news. Ethan says everyone else died expect Crystal. Then out of left field Ethan lunges at Gregory and stabs him in the gut. While trying to kill Gregory, Ethan explains that Negan will kill Crystal is he doesn't kill Gregory. Of course Rick saves the day by wrestling Ethan down and slitting his throat.  
  • When Rick questions Monroe about Negan his reply is very cryptic. Monroe says there's no hope in rescuing Crystal.
  • Negan is the leader of a group called The Saviors. When The Hilltop was first established Gregory made a deal with Negan because he threatened the groups survival and promised to keep the perimeter of the camp free of walkers. However, The Hilltop must now give half of ALL it's supplies to The Saviors.
  • Carl asks Monroe if they solved the Negan issue can they have their portion of supplies. Rick actually support's Carl offer, but says that they probably wont even need half. Monroe thinks the deal can be arranged.
  • Being at The Hilltop has put Rick in such a good mood that he spontaneously kisses Andrea. (A complete 180 from when they were at their camp.)
  • Gregory and Rick make a deal. If Rick's group agrees to helps solve their Negan problem, than Gregory will provide enough food for them to survive the winter.
  • The volume concludes with the group returning to their community with food, and Rick convincing the others that fighting for The Hilltop is what they've been searching for - - what they hoped the community would someday be. The Hilltop is opportunity and all the hope Rick's needs to realize their dreams.

Random Thoughts

  • I really love how motherly Maggie is with Sophia. 
  • Michonne's is dry but it's funny. Well she's more sarcastic than anything. 
  • I'm so glad Eugene has recovered from his massive mistake - -lying to the group about scientist in D.C.
  • Man everyone is trying to convince Rick to go easier on Monroe, but I just don't trust him. I'm like Rick you can never be too safe. 
  • Monroe/Jesus is a bad ass. Who do you know can kick some zombie ass while handcuffed?
  • Whenever Rick says, "Michonne" it's so hilarious because you know the next panel is going to be walkers being slashed by her Katana.
  • Gregory strikes me as disrespectful, or lack of manners. I don't know, but it's one of the two. He's also very drunk on power. 
  • For a protagonist Rick has a high body count. It never fails, every time Rick is introduced to a new group he is put in a situation where he has to be a straight up bad ass. 


  •  Rick: "The guilty man sleeps in his cell while the innocent one climbs up the walls with worry...unable to relax."
  • Abe: "So we get shot, and then our people on the other side of the wall know they're fucked. That the idea? You might just be a shitty leader, Rick."
  • Monroe: "If Negan has Crystal than she's already dead. There's nothing we can do for her."

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