Friday, September 6, 2013

Vol. 8 Made to Suffer (Issues #43–48)


  • This volume starts with The Governor and the events of the last volume from his perspective. It resumes at the scene where Michonne left him severely disfigured. It took him a week to regain full consciousness.
  • The Governor addresses the people of Woodbury, feeding complete bullshit. He found Martinez's body and decapitated his head to show the town "proof" of the threat Rick's group poses. He's trying to justify wanting to attack the prison. These people follow him so blindly, they believed everything he said.
  • The Governor is a sick man. His relationship with his daughter was already questionable at best, but now we know he actually kisses her from time to time. 
  • While Rick's group was practicing shooting The Governor's men found them by following the tracks they left from the incident at Wal-Mart. 
  • Instead of attacking the prison immediately, The Governor decides to wait about a month before they attack. He was Rick's group to let their guard down.
  • During the attack on the prison Andrea, Axel, and Rick are shot. All of them survived the actual attack. However, Rick lost a lot of blood and Alice is a bit worried. 
  • The Governor's group wasn't trained to shoot well enough, which lead to them wasting a lot of ammo. Between that factor and Andrea and Glenn "sniping" from the guard towers, The Governor was forced to retreat. 
  • While Andrea's recovering Dale suggests they leave the prison as soon as possible. He doesn't think the prison is safe or worth protecting.
  • Michonne convinces Tyreese they need to follow The Woodbury group and attack immediately. She believes this is the best time because they are weak and unsuspecting.
  • Dale, Andrea, The Twins, Sophia, Glenn, and Maggie leave the prison in the RV. Dale has made it clear that they will return when the danger subsides.
  • Tyreese was captured during the ambush. One of The Governor's men tells him he shot and killed Michonne. The Governor decides to return to the prison and use Tyreese as leverage. He demands the group to open the gates and surrender or he'll do awful things to Tyreese.
  • The group doesn't comply with The Governor's demands and he proceeds to chop Tyreese's head off. Then The Governor re-groups and attacks the prison again.
  • During the second attack Axel is shot in the head.
  • Andrea and Dale's group return and surprise The Governor with an attack from behind.
  • The Governor drives the tank through the prison gates and gains control of the confrontation. En route to the get away truck Billy and Patricia are shot and killed. 
  • Lori was shot in the stomach on the way to the truck as well. She was carrying Judith which is assumed dead.
  • Hershel was shot at point blank range while grieving over Billy's body.
  • Lilly, one of the people from Woodbury, is very upset that she shot Lori and Judith. She turns on The Governor and feeds him to the walkers as a distraction so she and the others can flee.
  • The Volume ends with Rick and Carl escaping to the surrounding woods. Carl realizes Lori and Judith didn't make it and has an emotional hug with Rick. 


  • I was confused on whether or not Michonne castrated The Governor, but from the what Bruce is saying it seems as if she did.
  • I couldn't put my finger on it, but now I know what it is. The Governor is a sociopath. His speech to convince the Woodbury people, along with other events, was just down right unbelievable disgusting.
  • Lol The Governor pulls out his daughter's teeth, because it's for the good of their relationship. 
  • Last volume Rick told Lori that she and the kids are the only people he cares about. Everyone else is expendable. He would even kill one of the members of the group if he had to. This is why I am not surprised by his unwillingness to corporate with The Governor despite the leverage he has. 


  • The Governor to his troops: "...When it begins, when the killing starts, don't let their appearance deceive you. You will see women--children even, but I assure you these people are beast, no different than the biters we kill without a second thought. Life out here-- It's changed them, twisted them into creatures who kill without a second thought--with no regard for human life. They don't deserve to live."

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